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Connect TV, Cable box, Game console, DVD and Home Theater

This connection involves a Cable TV box, TV, Video Game, DVD player and Home Theater unit.


o Cable TV service
o TV - standard analog
o Cable box - standard definition
o DVD Player - Sony model DVP-NS300
o Home Theater - Sony model HT-DDW830
o Video Game Console - Wii
o Audio/Video RCA cables (1-yellow, 1-red & 1-white audio).
o RF coaxial cables (RG-6).
o Digital audio cables for surround sound (1 optical and 1 coaxial)


• built-in stereo speakers

• A/V inputs, including:
• 3 composite video (2 rear, 1 front)
• RF input for antenna/cable signals

Home Theater and Loudspeakers

The Home Theater Receiver has 3 Audio/Video inputs to accommodate the Cable TV box, DVD Player and Game Console. Also one coaxial and two optical digital audio inputs to connect the surround sound output of the DVD player and the Cable TV box. The Home Theater Receiver acts as a switch to select the DVD player or the Game or the Cable TV box and output to the TV using the Monitor out. The loudspeakers are connected to the Home Theater Receiver and also the digital audio is processed by the Receiver. Additional audio sources can be connected to the receiver such as a CD player, Tape deck or aux input like a MP3 player.

Standard DVD Player.

Standard Definition Cable TV box.

Video Game Console such as Wii, XBOX 360 or Playstation.

Hook up DIAGRAM - TV, Cable Converter box, DVD, Game, Receiver, Loudspeakers

Cables Connections and explanation:

A Cable TV provider is used to receive TV signals.

1. Connect a yellow video and white and red audio cables from cable box, DVD player and Video Game outputs to Home Theater Receiver inputs.

2. Connect digital audio cables from cable box and DVD player outputs to Receiver digital audio inputs.

3. Connect yellow video cable from receiver monitor output to TV video input.

You will listen to the sound from the DVD player, cable TV and Game console thru the Home Theater receiver's Loudspeakers for richer sound than the analog TV can provide.

Why would you want this configuration?

o To view TV shows.
o Play DVD-Video to TV.
o Play video games.
o Listen to CD or AM/FM radio.

What settings do you need for this configuration?

The TV will need to be set to the proper input. Select proper input source on the TV to pick up output from the HT receiver. The input sources can be selected usually by using the remote control buttons for the respective devices. Buttons such as LINE or VIDEO or AUX or INPUT SELECT or an actual channel such as 93 or 00 or 99 depending on your brand. Consult owner's manual here.

Home Theater Receivers usually have a selector knob or buttons on the front panel to select your connected input sources. There should be a selection for each input. Turn knob or push buttons to select the input source (DVD, GAME, etc.) you want.

TV Channels are selected on the cable converter box using the remote control for the box. The cable converter box will output to the 3 RCA cables audio/video line output.

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