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Connect Analog TV with Cable TV box, DVD Recorder and Stereo Receiver


o Cable TV signal source IN.
o Cable TV converter box.
o TV set with audio/video inputs.
o DVD Recorder/VHS Recorder.
o Stereo Receiver
o Two sets of Audio/Video RCA cables (1-yellow, 1-red & 1-white audio).
o One set Audio cables (1-red, 1-white)
o Two RF cables.


• JVC analog CRT TV
• Audio/Video Inputs
• built-in stereo speakers
• RF input for antenna/cable signals

Television Rear Panel

DVD Recorder

• Video
System NTSC
Hard Disk Drive Yes
Progressive Scan Output Yes

DVD Recorder Rear Panel


S-Video - x2
Audio/Video Composite - x2 (RCA)
Component Video - x1 (RCA)
DV (IEEE)- x1
RF Antenna - x1 (Coaxial)

Optical Digital Audio - x1
Coaxial Digital Audio - x1
S-Video - x2
Component Video - x1 (RCA)
Audio/Video Composite - x2 (RCA)
RF Antenna - x1 (Coaxial)
HDMI- x1

Remote Control Yes
Power Requirements 120VAC, 60Hz

Cable TV box

Explorer Scientific Atlanta

• Output Formats: 480i
Audio Outputs:
1 composite stereo analog (left/right)
Video Outputs:
1 composite video
1 S-video out
1 RF audio/video output

The hook up diagram below shows the Cable TV box connected to the DVD Recorder with both an RF cable and RCA audio/video cables. This way you can watch TV with the Recorder powered off. The recorder will simply "pass-thru" the audio and video from the cable TV box to the TV over the RF cables. Tune the TV to channel 3 or 4 in this case. When you want to record a TV show, set the Recorder to LINE INPUT. This way you get stereo sound recorded. Then when you playback the recording to the TV, you'll have stereo sound. Set the TV to LINE INPUT.

For even richer sound, you can connect a stereo receiver to the TV if the TV has audio output jacks. You could also connect the DVD recorder audio output directly to the stereo receiver AUX Input. Select AUX INPUT on the stereo receiver or the input you connected. You can use CD inputs as well. Just do not use PHONO input.

Hook up diagram for Analog stereo TV, DVD recorder, Cable TV box and stereo receiver.

The following images show the detail connections on each component.

CABLE TV BOX - Outputs going to DVD recorder.

DVD RECORDER - Inputs coming from Cable TV Box and Outputs going to TV

TV - Inputs coming from DVD recorder and audio Output going to Stereo Receiver

STEREO RECEIVER - Audio cables from TV connect to AUX INPUT.

Why would you want this configuration?

o To view TV shows from cable TV.
o To record TV shows to DVR / DVD recorder.
o Play recordings to TV.
o Get richer sound from stereo receiver

What settings do you need for this configuration?
The TV and DVD recorder will need to be set to the proper input.

Cable configuration explanation

The RF coax cable signal from the cable TV company is available to the converter box (RG-6 coaxial).
Some cable TV channels are scrambled, so you may need the proprietary converter box from the Cable TV provider.

The TV signals are processed by the Cable Box and output to the DVD recorder so it can record TV shows. The RF cable connection allows the DVD recorder to just pass thru the signals to the TV on channel 3 or 4 when not in use. The RCA audio/video cables allow recording in better quality video and audio than RF cables. The stereo receiver adds a richer sound than the TV speakers.

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