DVD Player Troubleshooting

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  Symptoms   Remedy Actions
No power
  1. Check if the power cord has been properly connected to the power outlet.
  2. Check if the main power has been switched on.
    (DVD player's power supply transformer could be burned out)
Screen is "frozen" or completely black, or Power button does not work
  1. Try turning the power off and wait 3 seconds before turning it on again.
  2. Make sure the TV and VCR (if connected) are set to the correct channel or line.
Does not play disc
  1. No disc. - Load a disc into the tray.
  2. Disc has been loaded upside down. Place the disc with the label side up.
  3. Disc region code does not match region code of the player.
  4. Disc type is not the correct type to play.
  5. Disc is damaged or dirty. Clean the disc or try another.
  6. Moisture may be condensed inside the unit. Remove the disc and the leave the power on for one or two hours.
No sound
  1. Check if the TV and Amplifier (if connected) is turned on and set correctly.
  2. Check if the TV, DVD player and Amplifier are connected properly.
  3. Make sure the TV, DVD player and Amplifier volume are not set to Mute.
  4. There will be no sound output during Reverse Play / Pause / Step / Slow / Search.
  5. If the DTS soundtrack is enabled in the DVD Disc Menu, but you are using Stereo Analog audio, the sound will not work. Try switching the soundtrack to Dolby 5.1 or PCM mode in the Disc Menu.
Volume too high
  1. Set TV to medium loudness; adjust volume with remote.
No surround sound
  1. If digital output has been applied, enter the Setup menu, Player and select proper setting under the Digital Audio section.
  2. Turn on the active loudspeakers.
No sound or noise while playing MP3 disc
  1. When program files or other data files are mixed together with MP3 files in the same disc, they may play the non-MP3 with noise or no sound.
  2. Check the disc to see which files are MP3.
  3. Skip the file or try another file.
Alternative audio soundtrack or subtitle cannot be selected
  1. An alternative language cannot be selected with discs that contain only one language.
  2. Some discs are programmed such that the Audio or Subtitle button cannot be used to select an alternative audio soundtrack or subtitle. Try selecting it from the DVD menu.
Angle cannot be changed
  1. This function is dependent on software availability. Even if a disc has a number of angles recorded, these angles may be recorded at specific scenes only.
  1. Some discs are programmed such that they do not allow users to Skip or Search forward at some sections, especially at the WARNING section in the beginning.
  2. Single chapter discs cannot apply the Skip function.
No picture
  1. Make sure all power cords are connected.
  2. Try pressing the enter/play key.
  3. Make sure the TV is turned on and the input is set properly.
  4. Make sure the TV source is set properly on the TV (This is probably done on the screen; Check your TV manual).
Picture noise / distortion
  1. Disc is dirty or damaged. Clean the disc or try another disc.
  2. Reset the color system of the player or the TV set.
  3. Try a direct connection from the DVD player to the TV set, instead of via other components.
Picture not full screen
  1. Enter Setup and then Player menu to select the correct screen format.
  2. Select the screen format from the DVD disc menu or press zoom key.
TV displays only static or "snow" on some channels
  1. Perform Channel Scan (select Setup, then TV) to skip channels that don't broadcast in your area (You cannot perform Channel Scan if you have a cable box).
TV displays only static or "snow" on every channel
  1. Make sure connections are correct.
  2. Make sure the TV is set to proper input source.
  3. Select Setup, then TV to perform the Channel Scan.
TV shows picture on only one channel
  1. Make sure your VCR and/or cable box are tuned to the output channel (3 or 4) of the cable or satellite box.
Unable to access all TV channels from my cable box
  1. You can only tune in to your cable channels on Channel 3 and you may have to use the remote for your cable box to select program channels.
Viewing resolution is poor in dim movie/TV scenes
  1. Apart from the RCA connections, try to disconnect any other video output cable from the connectors (e.g. S-Video) on the DVD player; or/and
  2. If there are other RCA inputs on the TV, you may try to connect the video and audio output to them.
Remote does not work
  1. Make sure no objects obstruct the line of sight between the remote and player.
  2. The remote may need new batteries.
Cannot enter menu selection
  1. Use the arrow keys to select option and then activate by pressing the Enter key.