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How to Clean TV Screen

TV screens can get covered with dust, oil from fingerprints or dirt. The old CRT TV screens were glass and could be cleaned with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Today, the LCD HDTV screen is more sensitive and needs to be cleaned more carefully. Always read your TVs owners manual before cleaning to see the proper process for cleaning as suggested by the manufacturer. Some flat screen TVs can only be cleaned with water, no chemicals at all. Below is an easy ten step process to clean your flat screen TV.



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Steps to clean HDTV flat screen


1. Turn off the TV. Let the TV set for 30 mins. to cool off. The screen should be cool when you clean it.

2. Turn on the room lights if needed or get a small flashlight to use. You need to see what you are doing.

3. Get a handsized cloth, clean, soft and lint-free. Some people prefer the micro-fiber material. Never use paper towels, tissue or anything that could scratch the screen.

4. The cleaning fluid consists of distilled water and some isopropyl alcohol or white vinegar as the solvent. The mix of solvent to water can be 10% to 20% depending on how strong you want the fluid to be. Distilled water is available at the grocery store. Never use tap water as it contains minerals. If you prefer to buy a commercial TV screen cleaning fluid, make sure it is not too strong.

Bottle of isopropyl alcohol 70% alcohol by volume sold at local drugstore and very inexpensive. Isopropyl alcohol is also used as a disinfectant for skin infections.

Distilled water typically sold in a gallon plastic jug and very inexpensive. You can use this water in your car battery to top up the cells when needed. Tap water is not recommended.

5. Get a clean spray bottle like an old Windex bottle. Clean it out with distilled water. Fill the bottle with your cleaning fluid mix.

Cleaning the TV Screen

6. Spray your cleaning fluid mix on the cloth. Never spray the fluid on the TV screen. Only use as much fluid as needed to wet the cloth, no drips.

7. Gently swipe the screen from top to bottom. Never press hard. Repeat, looking at the cloth each swipe to see if you need more fluid.

8. Work your way from left to right until you have cleaned the whole screen. Change the cloth area surface if the cloth is getting dirty.

9. Look at the screen to see the results of the cleaning and repeat the process if needed.

10. Let the TV screen air dry before turning on power again.

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