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o HDMI to RCA Old TV converter
o Netflix Diagram
o Sony PS3 for Netflix Setup
o DVR for free TV cord cutters

Internet-Ready HDTV 
 TV sets from LG, Sony, Vizio, Samsung and others link internet to HDTV.
ROKU streaming media player - Internet TV

HDTV Buying Guide  Know what to look for in a HDTV

OLED TV - better than Plasma and LCD? 
HDTV Antennas How to buy a TV antenna for your HDTV
HDTV Screen Sizes You may be surprised to find out
Blu-ray Players - Sony, Samsung with Internet capability.
Get NetFlix, YouTube, BD Live and more. Wireless connectivity to your broadband service.

Bluray Disc and HDTV
How much does it cost to run my TV?
How to Install Cable/DSL modems
How to Buy a Pre-Paid Cell Phone
Home Digital Phone - How to Convert old phone service to new digital phone service

Hook up diagram for old portable TV sets using a TV converter box

Converter box and VCR to TV hookup
DVD player to TV hookup
Digital Cable TV box to TV hookup
TV Cable Box Setup
RF Modulator for DVD hookup to TV

• Audio Video Hookup Diagrams •

Remember, a cable connection diagram is only one part of the total solution for getting your system working to perfection. You also need to know how to select the proper input on your components and how to setup on-screen menu options and other audio/video knowledge. There are often many ways to connect your components depending on what you want from your setup.

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SMART TV for 2016 Guide

1. Hookup TV, VCR, DVD recorder. Analog Cable TV, TV only has RF input.
2. Hookup TV, VCR, Satellite TV receiver
3. Hookup older TV, VCR, DVD player, Satellite TV receiver, RF Modulator

RF Modulator Hookups
o How to connect headphones to TV

4. Hookup HDTV, HD satellite TV receiver with DVR using DVI cable. 
5. Hookup HDTV, VCR, Satellite TV receiver, Analog Cable TV.
6. Hookup TV, VCR, DVD recorder to satellite TV and cable TV

7. Hookup HDTV, Digital Cable TV
  • TV cable hookup - cable TV - Hookup diagrams digital cable box

Connect VCR to digital cable box

8. Hookup DVD, TV, Satellite TV receiver and 5.1 surround sound home theater receiver.

9. Hookup satellite multiswitch.
10. Hookup satellite TV receiver. Two Dual LNB.
11. Hookup SONY Playstation 2 to A/V Receiver and TV.
12. Hookup TV, VCR, DVD, Tape deck, A/V Receiver.
13. Hookup TV and two VCRs.
14. Hookup DVD recorder, VCR, HDTV, FTA satellite, OTA ATSC receiver.
15. Hookup Home Theater in-a-box, TV, VCR, satellite TV receiver, game and A/V switch.

16. Hookup Xbox 360 to TV/HDTV and 5.1 surround receiver
17. Hookup TIVO recorder - channel changing setups
18. Hookup HDTV and digital cable box with HDMI
19. Hookup HDTV, VCR and digital cable box.

20. Hookup SCART TV DVD VCR Surround sound system
21. Hookup HDTV, DVD, Surround Sound system with HD digital cable TV
22. Hookup TV, DVD Recorder, with VCR and cable TV
23. Hookup Camcorder to TV, DVD, VCR
24. Hookup Camcorder to PC
25. PC to Stereo hookup

26. Hookup Blu-ray disc Player, HDTV and digital cable box
27. Hookup Blu-ray disc Player, HDTV and Audio/Video Receiver with Surround Sound
28. Hookup iPod to Home Stereo system
29. Hookup HDTV, Surround Sound, DVD, HD-DVD
30. Hookup Surround Sound Speakers

31. High-Def Satellite TV DVR DirecTV
32. Audio/Video Switcher, TIVO, DVD, older TV
33. Digital Cable to Stereo system
34. Digital Cable Box to HDTV, stereo TV
35. Cable TV to stereo VCR, TV and stereo system
36. RF modulator for DVD TV hookup in the UK
37. Digital TV set-top-box hookup in the UK

38. Digital TV set-top-box, VCR, DVD hookup in the UK Freeview
39. Digital TV set-top-box converter
40. HDTV Setup, cable connections diagram
41. TV hookup A/B switch, cable TV or Antenna

42. Hookup both VCR and DVD recorder to cable TV box
43. Hookup DVD, VCR, Game, Cable box to TV with only RF
44. Hookup High-Def sources to TV with component video switchbox
45. Wii Nintendo hookup

46. How to wall mount Plasma or LCD HDTVneed pics
47. Cable Modem Hookup Diagram
48. DSL Modem Hookup Diagram
49. DTV converter boxes for 2009 switch to Digital TV
50. Hookup Diagrams for Sony Playstation 3
51. Hookup TV, DVD player and Cable TV box
52. Hookup digital cable to HDTV
53. Hookup Laptop to TV
54. PC to TV hookup
55. Hookup DVD Player and Cable TV Box to TV
56. Easy HDTV Hookup Guide

57. Easy HDTV Hookup DVD

58. Digital TV converter box hookup for analog RF passthru
59. Digital Cable box, HDTV, VCR, Surround
60. Loudspeaker hook up diagrams
61. HDTV, Satellite, DVR, DVD/VHS recorder
62. TV, Satellite, VCR, DVD
63. TV, VCR record and watch digital

64. TV, DVD recorder, Cable box, Stereo
65. Cable TV, VCR Hook up
66. DTV converter, DVD recorder to TV
67. Digital Cable box to TV

68. Digital Cable box to TV, DVD, VCR hookup

69. Digital Cable box to TV, DVD
70. Digital Cable box to TV, DVD
71. Digital Cable box to TV, HDMI, PIP, 2 TVs
72. Digital HD Cable box to HDTV, DVD, VCR, Surround Soundneeds

73. 2 DTV converter boxes, 2 VCRs, TV, Receiver, DVD
74. TIVO - How to Hook Up
75. Hook up two DTV converter boxes and VCR to TV
76. Hook up HDTV, HD Cable box and DVD/VCR Combo unit
77. Hook up TV, DVD, Game, Cable box and Home Theater
78. Hook up HDTV, HD Satellite and DVD/VCR

79. Hook up TV, VCR, DVD and DTV converter box

80. Hook up HDTV, HD Satellite, DVD/VCR combo, Dolby Digital Receiver
81. Hook up HDTV and DVD recorder to both HD cable and Satellite TV
82. Hook up TV and DVD recorder to DTV converter
83. Hook up TV, VCR and DVD player to both broadcast and Satellite
84. Hook up TV, DVD Recorder, DVD/VCR Combo, Home Theater

85. Hook up TV, Satellite, DVD/VCR Combo, Audio Receiver
86. Hook up HDTV, HD cable, DVD/VCR combo and Home Theater

87. Hook up CECB converter box, VCR, TV
88. Hook up Satellite Receiver, TV and DVD/VCR Combo without a tuner.
89. Hook up HD Cable box, HDTV, DVD, VCR, A/V receiver.
90. Hook up satellite box, DTV converter, A/B switch, TV.
91. Hook up DTV converter box, TV, VCR, DVD, RF Modulator.

92. Antennas, Amps, splitters, hookup
93. What is Slingbox?
94. Hook up TV, VCR, DVD, CECB DTV converter box
95. Hook up DTV converter box, TV, DVD, VCR, satellite.
95a. Hook up 2 DTV converter boxes, 2 TV, VCR, 2 satellite.
96. Stereo system hookups for audio

97. Analog TV, DTV converter, Combo VCR/DVD
98. How to hookup TIVO to DTV converter box
99. How to hookup VCR, CECB DTV, TV with NTSC, ATSC tuners
100. How to hookup digital cable box to Analog TV
101. Hookup satellite and converter box, combo and HTIB to TV
102. HD Cable TV box, DVD recorder, TV
103. Hookup Cable TV, DVD, CD, TV, audio/video receiver
104. Hookup satellite, HDTV, VCR, DVD

105. Hook up HDTV, Blu-ray, DVD, Audio/Video Receiver using a HDMI Switch Box

106. Hookup 2 VCRs and TV to watch or record from both satellite and Cable TV
107. Hookup both satellite and DTV converter box, combo vcr/dvd to analog TV
108. Hookup Xbox 360, HDTV, Blu-ray Home Theater, Satellite
109. Hookup digital cable box to existing analog TV setup
110. Hookup digital cable box to audio amplifier for music

111. How to hookup a DVD recorder to DirecTV, Dish Network

112. How to setup surround sound DirecTV
113. How to hookup a Audio Video Receiver
114. How to hookup a audio cassette to computer for recording MP3
115. How to hookup a TV, VCR, DVD with sound to Audio Receiver

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DVR - Digital Video Recorder

DVD Recorder Buying Guide
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How to ground your TV antenna

TV antennas and reception
Surround Sound

Switch boxes video audio RCA phono and more
Audio Video selector switches including Toslink

All About HDMI - HDMI Cables



RF - video and audio RCA - analog audio, (red and white)
analog video (yellow)
HDMI - Digital Video and Digital Audio Digital Audio Bitstream
Cable TV boxes, satellite TV receivers, analog TV, VCR DVD players, analog TV, VCR Newer DVD players, HDTV, HD Cable boxes, HD Satellite Receivers DVD players, Digital cable boxes, Satellite Receivers, Audio/Video Receivers

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