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DVD Players - Review and Guide

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How do I connect my DVD Player?


Most DVD players do not have RF outputs. DVD players typically provide composite, S-video or component video output. You need to use your TV's audio/video inputs to connect the RCA cables coming from the DVD player's audio/video outputs. When connected, switch your TV to the proper video source input to watch a DVD movie. 

If you only have one audio/video input on your TV, and it is already used, you will need an audio/video switch (Radio Shack has different models). If your TV has an S-video input, try to get a switcher that also has S-video connections. 

If your TV does not have audio/video inputs you will have to use an RF modulator (Radio Shack #15-1244 or equivalent) that converts the line level video signals into RF signals that you can then view on channel 3 or 4 of your TV. If you only have one RF input on your TV then you will need an A/B switch also. This will allow both RF devices to share the single TV input. Some DVD specific RF modulators have a built in A/B Switch to auto-switch.

DVD VCR TV Hookup Diagram

See DVD player - How to connect


How do I connect my VCR?

RF coaxial cable 75ohm with 'F' connector

Cable TV VCR Hookup


Connect Cable TV box RF coax cable OUT to VCR RF input jack.
Connect RF coax cable from VCR RF output jack to TV RF input jack.

Watch and record the same channel

This is the most popular method of hooking up your VCR. The cable signal passes through the converter box first, the VCR second, and then into your TV, which must be tuned to the appropriate channel (usually channel 3 or 4).

Cable-Ready VCR:
Record any non-premium cable TV channel while watching any channel

By splitting the incoming TV signal, the VCR and the converter both get the cable TV signals. This hookup will allow you to videotape your non-premium non-digital cable channels while watching any premium or digital channel. Premium and digital channels will only be unscrambled by the converter box. Your cable-ready VCR will accept the non-premium cable channels but not the premium channels; therefore, you cannot normally record a premium channel in this way. By using an A/B switch, you can select which input source you want to watch on TV. (For TV sets with only a single RF input jack)

How to Hook Up Your VCR


Premium channels or digital channels will only be unscrambled by the converter box. Your analog NTSC cable-ready television will accept any non-premium analog cable channel but not the premium or digital channels. With the new digital cable converters with built-in digital video recorders you can record TV shows to hard disk. Some even have dual tuners allowing you to watch one show and record another all in one unit.

Record any channel while watching any channel

This hookup will allow you to watch any channel and record any other channel. This type of cable installation requires a second converter box. For digital channels the converter box is used to select which channel you get and the box only tunes and descrambles one channel at a time. So if you want to watch one digital channel and record another digital channel at the same time, you have to have either a second digital converter box or have a digital cable ready TV with Cablecard.

VCR TO TV using RCA Audio/Video
If your TV has audio/video inputs on the back, use RCA cables from the VCR audio out to the TV audio in (2, left and right, if stereo). Then use an RCA cable from the VCR video out to the TV video in. Switch your TV to the Video (or Aux) line input.

How to hookup a STEREO VCR to a STEREO TV using RCA video cables

Remember to set the TV to LINE INPUT with video button (input select).

VCR to HDTV Connection

RF A/B Switches

A/B Switch
2-Way IR Controlled RF Switch
  • 2-Input RF remote switch
  • With infrared remote control
  • Satellite frequency rated
A/B switcher 

IR remote controlled RF A/B selector is used for switching between two cables, or between two TV antennas, or between RF outputs of two VCR's, satellite boxes, or cable boxes. It connects to standard 75 ohm coax cable with F-connectors.

The IR Remote has two buttons. One sequences the power between ON and OFF. The other sequences between inputs A and B. There is no local control, so all control must be done with IR signals. When power is turned off, the unit returns to the B selection. Big letters on the front of the unit illuminate to tell you which cable is selected.

The IR Remote provided with the unit has weak output, so if you are very far away from the switching unit, you need to carefully aim the remote. This is easy to fix by learning the IR codes into a good universal remote, which has ample IR power to get reliable results.

Remote Control A/B Switch

A/B 4-way RF
4-Way IR Controlled RF Switch
  • 4-Input RF remote switch
  • With infrared remote control
  • Satellite frequency rated
  • Use to switch one coaxial cable to any of four others
  • TV doesn't have enough inputs? Use this to switch the TV to cable, VCR, DVD, etc. from your easy chair.
  • Teach the infrared remote codes into any learning remote for even greater convenience.
Remote Controlled RF Switch

2-Way Manual A/B RF Switch

  • Allows manual selection between any two 75 ohm "F" inputs

Manual A/B Coaxial RF Switch
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