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Audio Video Connections / Hookups

Wiring diagrams - See over 100 hook up diagrams

Audio / Video Connector and cable types

VCR, DVR, Digital Cable box, Satellite, HDTV, TV, DVD, Home Theater, Audio/Video Receiver, HTIB, Converter box

How to connect home video components with cables - diagrams

Basic over-the-air TV reception with old TV and digital converter box

Add a VCR to record TV shows. VCR stays on channel 3 as does TV. Select channels on the DTV converter box. Playback to TV.

Recording on a VCR while you are away (unattended or timer record) has changed since the digital TV switchover. Now you will need to coordinate both the VCR timer and the timer in a converter box. Many converter boxes do not have timers.

Digital TV Connections

Flat screen digital TV connections

Optical digital audio OUT
Headphones analog audio OUT
Composite AV Input
HDMI Inputs
LAN Ethernet
Internet communication
Coaxial Input TV antenna

Built-in Wireless Wi-Fi Internet to Router/Modem

DVD player to TV
Digital Cable TV box to TV
• Satellite TV box and converter box to TV
• Home Theater
Audio/Video Receiver