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Audio Video Connections / Hookups

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Audio / Video Connector and cable types

VCR, DVR, Digital Cable box, Satellite, HDTV, TV, DVD, Home Theater, Audio/Video Receiver, HTIB, Converter box

How to connect home video components with cables - diagrams

Basic over-the-air TV reception with old TV and digital converter box

Add a VCR to record TV shows. VCR stays on channel 3 as does TV. Select channels on the DTV converter box. Playback to TV.

Recording on a VCR while you are away (unattended or timer record) has changed since the digital TV switchover. Now you will need to coordinate both the VCR timer and the timer in a converter box such as the Zinwell. Many converter boxes do not have timers.

DVD player to TV
Digital Cable TV box to TV
• Satellite TV box and converter box to TV
• Home Theater
• Audio/Video Receiver