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Netflix unlimited streaming members can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies on their PlayStation®3 console. Simply download the Netflix application on your PS3™ by going to the TV/Video Services column on the XMB and then sign-in to your Netflix account.

If you aren’t a Netflix member, you can sign up for your Netflix free trial right on your PS3™. 
With Netflix, you can watch what you want, any time you want.

Sony PS3 (Playstation 3) Netflix setup and Network connections

The Sony PS3 can be used as a Netflix device.
How to setup PS3 for Netflix:


Physical connections with PS3 connected to TV and router connected to PS3 (Ethernet cable)
Service provider (cable/satellite) broadband internet service with modem and router (can be wired or wireless)
PS3 can be connected to a HDTV with HDMI or old TV with composite (RCA) yellow/white/red cables
For High Definition, HDTV is required but older TV will still work for standard definition

Diagram PS3 to old TV and wired router

Buy Ethernet cable, HDMI cable from


When making a wired connection to the Internet, you do not need to adjust any of the default settings. If you cannot use the default settings to connect, follow the instructions below to adjust the settings.

Select "Network Settings" under "Settings" in the home menu, and then press the X button.
Select "Internet Connection Settings", and then press the X button. When a message stating that the Internet connection will be terminated is displayed, select "Yes", and then press the X button.
Select "Wired Connection", and then press the X button.
Select "Easy" or "Custom" and adjust settings as necessary. (Easy is recommended)
Follow the on-screen instructions to adjust the required settings.

Easy: Basic settings are set automatically.
Custom: You can manually enter detailed settings information.


From the home screen, navigate to the TV/Video Services section and select the Netflix icon.
If you're not already at the home screen, hold the PS button in the middle of the controller, select Quit, then select Yes to return to the home screen.
Select Yes when presented with: "To use this feature, you must download software. Do you want to download now?" The Netflix application will now begin downloading.



You need a Netflix account.
Select Sign in on the Welcome screen.
If you are not yet a member, set up your membership.
Note that you may first be prompted to sign in to the PlayStation Network (PSN). If you see this prompt, you must first sign in to your PlayStation Network account before continuing. If you've forgotten your login information, PlayStation has instructions for resetting your PSN password.

The PSN sign-in prompt is a black screen with white writing and will ask for your Sign-In ID (Email Address) and gives you the option to "Sign In Automatically (Auto Sign-In)." Checking this box will usually eliminate the need to sign in to PlayStation Network each time you launch Netflix.
Enter your Netflix email address and password.

Your device is now connected to your Netflix account. 
Get started - sign up for Netflix

1. How do I configure WiFi?

If your WiFi is unprotected, just go to: Settings >>> Network Settings >>> Internet Connection and choose Easy. If it's protected, choose Custom and you'll be prompted for the SSID, the encryption method and the security (i.e., encryption) key, which you'll need to get from your wireless router's configuration page if you don't already know it. If you have network problems with the PS3 or the other devices on your wireless network after adding the PS3, it may be necessary to assign a static IP address to avoid conflicts between the PS3 and other devices (e.g., a PC) on your wireless network.

To enjoy the online capability of Playstation 3, you need to connect it to the internet.

Playstation 3: How to setup your Internet connection
How to connect Playstation3 to Internet

PS3 cables

You will need to purchase the appropriate cables to connect your PS3. Cables are required for connecting the PS3 directly to a HDTV. Many retailers will try to sell you very expensive HDMI cables for connecting the PS3 to your HDTV, but these are generally a waste of money. Quality, low cost HDMI cables are readily available and will provide identical results to the high priced cables. On-line dealers, such as, have quality HDMI and other types of video and audio cables at very good prices.

How do I turn the PS3 on and off?

There is a master power switch on the back of the PS3 console. This is normally kept in the ON position and this will keep the PS3 in a standby mode with a red LED (light) displayed on the front panel. Next to that red light on the front panel is a touch sensitive on/off button. To power on the PS3 console you place your finger on this button and the adjacent LED will turn from red to green. To turn the console off hold your finger on the power button for about 3 seconds, until the adjacent LED start flashing, and the PS3 will power down.

Another method to turn off the PS3 is from the XMB under "Users" you can select the command to "Turn System Off." Using a remote, you can power on the PS3 console by pressing the ‘P’ button, on either the game controller or the Sony BD remote. Finally, you can power on the PS3 console by inserting a Blu-ray Disc (BD), a DVD or a CD into the loading slot on the front panel of the PS3 console. In this case the PS3 will power on and begin playing the disc.

How do I setup my PS3 with my HDTV?

The PS3 displays a graphical user interface (on-screen menu) using a XrossMediaBar (XMB) with drop down menus. The "Settings" drop down from the XMB is used to configure the audio and video capabilities of the PS3. 

HDMI or component video connections are required for High Definition. TVs without these type of inputs will not be able to get HD video resolution.


To enjoy the online capability of Playstation 3, you need to connect it to the internet.

Playstation 3: How to setup your Internet connection
How to connect Playstation3 to Internet
• What's the best way to get connected to the internet? click here
How to reset PS3 video output to TV

Switch from HDMI to composite video or back to HDMI from composite video

Make sure the PS3 if off (red light on) and plug the AV cable into your TV. Press the PS3 power button and HOLD it down. You will hear the first beep when you first press it down, KEEP holding it down until you hear a second beep (about 5 seconds). Let go. Now select on the screen the video settings you want.

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