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Netflix is using the internet to deliver your movie content with a process called streaming. Streaming is different than downloading from the internet. With streaming you stay connected to the web during your viewing of the movie and this way you can watch without waiting to download the entire content of the show.

Video streaming is very popular now. You can use a Blu-ray player which is Netflix ready or a HDTV with internet capability or a ROKU box connected to your TV to stream movies to your home. See below for devices which are Netflix ready.

You can use the internet based movie services with your computer, laptop, web enabled HDTV, game console, and a variety of other devices. For example if you have an HDTV with internet connection capability built in, you can, for example, connect using a wireless router in your home. You need internet service from a provider such as your cable TV company. You could also connect using a Blu-ray player with the Netflix application. Regardless of how you hookup to the net, you need an account so you can be billed and so you can choose your viewing content. Netflix charges around $8 to $9 per month and offers the first month free.

NETFLIX hookup diagram

Hookup diagram for Netflix using a Blu-ray player and wired network connections

Hookup diagram for Netflix using wireless router

Diagram PS3 Netflix hookup connection wired network (HDMI)

Netflix setup summary

How to setup to get Netflix movies and TV shows at home, instantly.

What you need:

1. High-speed internet service with modem (5 Mbps minimum speed for HD video)
2. Netflix ready device (Blu-ray player, or ROKU box, or HDTV or video game console)
See this for which devices are Netflix ready -

3. Active Netflix account to which you can login on the internet
4. Wired (ethernet) or wireless (802.11) Router
5. Ethernet cables
6. Computer (PC) connected to the internet

STEPS you must complete:

1. Connect LAN - router to modem, computer to router, Netflix device to router
2. Connect Netflix player to TV (unless using Netflix-ready HDTV only)
3. Configure Router if not already done
4. Setup Blu-ray player or HDTV or ROKU box for network access
5. Get activation code from
6. Activate Netflix device using computer at
7. Fill your Netflix instant queue with movies, TV shows using Computer

Contact your Internet Service Provider - ask if Dynamic or Static IP addresses are needed?
Get IP Values if static IP.
IP means Internet Protocol and is a string of numbers with up to three digits in four positions.

Power on Netflix device and tune TV to the input where the device is connected.
On Netflix Device go to Home menu - Settings - Network - setup
Choose Wired or Wireless (router)

Wired router
Choose auto or manual
AUTO - automatically assigns IP addresses (DHCP).
Manual - you enter the IP addresses manually.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
Modems and routers that support DHCP automatically provide the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS values you need to access the Internet so you do not have to enter them manually. Most home networks are Dynamic Networks. Some networks require a Static IP address. If your network requires a Static IP address, you must enter the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS values manually.

The following four areas should be filled in with addresses on the router and Netflix device:
1. IP address - (example
2. Subnet mask -
3. Gateway - example
4. DNS server - example

Wireless involves security settings and possibly a wireless dongle (USB) for the Netflix device.
Wireless routers should be IEEE 802.11n or greater

Test network connection after configured properly.

Get activation code on Netflix device.
navigate to menu on Netflix device to get Netflix activation code.
Enter the code using computer (PC) to activate device. Login to
Add movies and TV programs to your Netflix Instant Queue.
Your "Instant Queue" is where you store the movies and TV programs you want to stream. Titles placed in your Instant Queue are "instantly available" for viewing on your television.

Note: Movies and TV programs you want to stream must be added by accessing your Netflix account from your PC and adding titles to your 'Instant Queue'. You cannot add titles to your 'Instant Queue' directly from the Netflix device.
Questions? 1-866-636-3076

Samsung, Sony and LG offer HDTVs, and Blu-ray players that are Netflix capable.

What is a good router to use?
Netgear WNDR3700v2 N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

Can I use my old analog TV to view Netflix movies?
YES. The ROKU box is one example of a Netflix device which connects an old TV using RCA cables (yellow, white) and setup is almost the same. ROKU and Netflix require activation.

Laptop to TV hookup

VCR and Cable TV hookup diagrams
VCR and Cable TV hookup diagrams - more complex