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Play CD on TV

CD Audio on TV

DVD Player to TV hookup to play CD

DVD players and DVD recorders will play an audio CD as well as DVD. So if you want to listen to a CD and you have no stereo system or home theater you can hear the audio on your TV speakers.

Connect white and red RCA audio cables from DVD player white and red outputs to the TVs white and red audio inputs.

Power on TV
select TV input where DVD player is connected
Power on DVD player
Insert CD into DVD player
press PLAY, listen to audio on TV.

For a TV with only HDMI inputs, use a RCA to HDMI adapter.

For an older TV with only mono audio

TV with only RF antenna input

Use an RF Modulator to connect the white and red audio cables through the modulator and out to the TV using RG-6 coaxial cable.

Diagram CD play on TV with only RF input

Handheld portable CD Players

Connect using an adapter audio cable with 3.5mm plug and RCA plugs

Connect 3.5mm plug into earphone jack on CD player and white and red RCA plugs into TV RCA inputs. Be sure to select correct TV input.

If your TV has RCA inputs then you do not need the RF modulator. Connect directly to the white and red inputs on the TV.

CD Player to TV through a VCR

Many people do not have an RF Modulator however they may have a VCR which has an RF Modulator inside.

Diagram for CD player to analog TV connection using a VCR. TV is an older model with only an antenna RF input. Connect the 3.5mm to RCA cable from the CD player earphones output to the VCR RCA input. Next connect an RG-6 coaxial cable from the VCR RF output (silver threaded port) to the TV antenna input (silver threaded port). Screw on tight with the copper wire of the cable inserted into the pin hole of the RF port.

Put a CD into the player and press the PLAY button. Be sure the CD player has good batteries inserted. Turn up the volume on the CD player. Power on the VCR and TV and select channel 3 or 4 on the TV (whichever the VCR is switched to) Try channel 3 then try channel 4. Turn up the volume on the TV. Be sure to select on the TV, the correct input (antenna/TV).

Be sure the VCR remote has good batteries inserted. On the VCR, you may need to select two things, the correct VCR input and the correct VCR source. Some VCRs have multiple inputs, one in the rear, usually LINE 1 or L1 and one on the front, usually LINE 2 or L2 typically used for a camcorder input. Select L1 or L2 using the VCR remote button such as INPUT SELECT. Typically if you press this button, again and again, you can cycle through all the inputs and see which one works. In addition you may need to press the TV/VIDEO button or the like on the VCR remote to switch the source from VCR antenna to VCR transport. Again pressing this button will cycle through the selections back and forth, one or the other so see which one works. Your VCR remote may call this button something else other than TV/VIDEO. This setup does work if you select the correct settings on the VCR and TV.

Many people have an older TV and have a CD player and a VCR. You may just need the cables which are available online. This setup could be useful for an older adult, possibly confined to bed. By playing a CD through the VCR and using the TV as the speaker, the caregiver could possibly take a break while the older adult enjoys the music. CDs can play for at least 30 min. or more.

HDMI Versions

HDMI Cables

Wiring diagram - HDMI Surround Sound

How to hookup Surround Sound


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