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Digital TV Hookup Diagram

How to connect a digital TV tuner set-top-box to a TV without AV inputs in the UK

Do you have a TV with only a RF TV input? Do you want to be able to tune in the digital TV channels broadcast over-the-air to the TV? Yes, it can be done by using a digital TV tuner. The tuner will convert the signals so an older TV can use them. Eventually the old TV broadcasts are going to be converted to digital TV broadcasts and the older TV sets will no longer be able to get TV signals without using a converter/tuner box. The digital set-top box can receive the digital FTA broadcasts. In addition to providing more channels with the new tuner, you have the enhanced Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and information plate.

For more information on some digital tuners, go to Humax UK

If you want to hookup a DVD player as well, use an RF modulator. Even though the DVD player has only SCART or RCA outputs, you can use the RF modulator to convert the input signals to a RF output signal your TV can recognize. The RF modulator has a SCART and/or RCA input which is used by the DVD player and a RF output which is connected to the TV.

The RF Modulator allows equipment with SCART or phono outputs to plug in to a TV or aerial socket.

? Aerial loop-through
? SCART and phono inputs
? Ideal for DVDs, digital TV boxes without RF/aerial sockets and for TVs without a Scart socket
? Mains powered

Connect any composite video device to the aerial socket of a TV.

Some modulators allow you to select the RF channel with DIP switches. Composite video and stereo audio inputs are via phono (RCA) sockets or the SCART socket. An RF input is provided as well as an output, allowing loop-through connection, so that the output of the modulator can be added into an existing aerial distribution network.

No Scart input on your old TV? - No problem. The RF Modulator takes the signal from your scart-only device (such as DVD Player) and converts it to the antenna (RF aerial) output required by older TVs without scart sockets. You existing aerial connection also plugs into the RF Modulator so there is no need to lose your normal terrestrial TV reception.

How to hook up a DVD player to your older TV using an RF Modulator.

Video and Audio Cable Connections

1) Cable to provide TV signals to RF input on digital TV set-top-box.
2) Cable to pass converted TV signals thru RF modulator to TV.
3) RF cable for TV RF input.
4) SCART cable to connect DVD player to RF modulator.

You can watch TV normally until you want to watch a DVD at which time the RF modulator will convert the SCART signals to RF and pass to the TV.

See Audio Video Connections for explanation of cables.


? RF Input

If your TV only has an RF input and your DVD player or other device does not have an RF output, you can connect using an RF Modulator, which can be purchased at most electronics stores. The RF modulator will convert composite video and 2-channel stereo audio to RF on your old TV. Video and one-channel (mono) audio are carried combined on this cable.

RF Cables


RF modulators

Hookup diagram - cablebox to stereo

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