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Surround Sound over HDMI

How to hookup surround sound

Surround Sound Glossary

How to add great sound to your HDTV

Get Internet on your HDTV

  • See over 100 Hookup Diagrams 

Audio Video Cables and Interfaces

USB - Universal Serial Bus

Audio Video Switch boxes

HDMI versions


How to connect a DVD player

RF Modulator diagram


VCR hookup to flat screen TV

Satellite TV

How to hookup a DVD recorder to DirecTV or Dish Network receiver

How to setup surround sound on DirecTV

Cable TV

Cable TV Music channels hookup to audio receiver

How to install a HD Cable Box


Cable connections for HDTV

Calculate Screen size for HDTV

HDTV Facts You Should Know About

HDTV Buying Guide 2010

HDTV Antennas

Home Theater

Hookups and connections

VCR to HDTV Connections

PC to Stereo hookup

Laptop computer to TV hookup

Audio Cassette Deck to PC hookup

Video connection diagrams DVD VCR TV

How to hookup a Camcorder to TV, DVD recorder, PC

How to hookup a Audio Video Receiver

How to install a PCI card in a PC

Diamonds Buying Guide

Diamond Rings Guide

How to tell if a diamond is real

Blu-ray Players - Sony 2009

Blu-ray audio surround sound

Surround Sound

Sony Bravia HDTV Models

Camcorder Formats

How to choose a Camcorder

HDMI Switch box

VCR Basics


How to connect DVD player in 10 easy steps

HDTV Basic Setup

— ›› How do I hookup my DVD player using component video?

— ›› How do I setup my DVD player for 5.1 surround sound?

— ›› How do I hookup my DVD player with a HDMI connection?
More DVD hookup options ...

DVD hookup

DVD Hookup surround

DVD Hookup

Empowering consumers thru information.

Surround Sound

Audio and Video Cables

Blu-ray Surround Sound

Blu-ray Basics

Blu-ray BD-LIVE

Blu-ray and HDTV

Blu-ray Player Sony BDP-N460

Video cable connections

Cable TV video cables

DVD cables

Hookup diagram hdmi bluray

100 hookup diagrams

DVD connect


DVD Glossary

DVD player - How to connect

DVD Introduction

DVD players

DVD buying guide

DVD Primer

RF Modulator hookup for DVD

DVD sound

DVD info

DVD player trouble-shooting

HDMI Switch Box

How to add great sound to your HDTV

How to add great sound

Internet-ready HDTV


Diagram RF Modulator

Surround Sound Glossary

How to hookup surround sound

Surround sound over HDMI


TV introduction

VCR basics