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: RF Modulator unit : RF Modulator Diagram

The RF Modulator - DVD Player Connection  

RF Modulator Diagram

How to hookup TV

If you have a TV with only a single RF coaxial input and you want to hook up components like DVD players, VCRs, or HDMI adapters, here's how to do it.

The RF modulator takes the 3 RCA cables (yellow, white, red) and converts to a single coaxial cable connection for the TV. RF modulators with several RCA inputs allow you to switch to the component you want.

What you need to connect your DVD player or game players to a TV that only has a VHF/UHF 75-ohm F-connector ("coax antenna input"). 

1.) RF Modulator

2.) Coaxial cable with male "F" connectors. This cable goes from the modulator to the TV. The modulator also has a coaxial input to plug in your antenna or your VCR.

3.) Video and Audio Cables with "RCA" plugs. These cables connect the yellow, red and white outputs from your DVD or game player to the yellow, red and white inputs of the modulator.

Works with X-Box, PlayStation, Nintendo or other devices that output audio/video via the RCA plugs and you want to connect them to your coaxial only TV.

Hooking up your RF modulator/video switch box


First, plug your cable TV/VCR output into the cable input connection (ANT IN) of the RF modulator and then the Video game/camcorder/DVD player's 3 RCA A/V cables (yellow, red, white) into the RF modulator's A/V inputs (yellow, red, white).

Second, connect a standard RF coax cable from the RF modulator OUT (TO TV) to your TV antenna/VHF IN jack.

Third, select either channel 3 or 4 output on the back of the RF modulator. This is a two position switch.

Fourth, turn the TV on and the RF modulator will automatically detect your cable input for the TV. When you want to watch your DVD player, just put the TV on channel 3 or 4, whichever one you selected on the RF mod box, turn the DVD player on and the RF modulator will automatically detect the DVD player and will display your movie.

RF Modulator audio/video switch box TV hookup. 

Lets you connect components with  composite video output (i.e., DVD player, satellite box), to a TV without A/V jacks, by modulating the signal to RF. Good for hooking up several components to an older TV.

See the hookup diagrams below.

Add a VCR so you can record and playback to TV

When using the 3 RCA cables for input to VCR, select the correct VCR LINE input to record.

Make an older TV into a Smart TV using RF modulator, HDMI adapter and TV streaming device

TV Streaming device to HDMI to RCA Adapter to RF Modulator to TV

If your TV has only the twin lead antenna connections, use a 75 ohm to 300 ohm balun.

YouTube video - How to hookup older TV

Diagram TV hookup connection RF Modulator

HDMI to RCA converter

RCA to HDMI Converter

Apple Airpods Wireless Earpods

HDMI Cable

RCA video audio cables

RF Modulator

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Diagram connect TV, VCR, DVD player

Review: I have a DVD player, VCR, cable and satellite dish all hooked up to this box and then going to my television. Simple switch of the button and I get what I want. Very easy to use. There is even a handy set of jacks in the front to hook up a video camera.

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