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How to Hook up a Plasma TV
How to hook up a Cable TV box :: How to hookup Audio/Video Receiver :: Bluray Players


How to Hook Up a Plasma TV
Connect Plasma TV

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Samsung PN59D8000 59" Class Widescreen 3D Web Plasma HDTV, 1080p, 4 HDMI, 3D, 600Hz, Built-in Wi-Fi

How to Hook Up a LCD TV
Connect LCD TV

You got your Plasma TV but how do you connect your Plasma TV to your existing components such as your VCR, DVD Player, cable box and stereo equipment.

Most plasma screen television sets made today are more often than not, compatible with most existing components you already have. VCR's, DVD players and stereo equipment will generally work without a problem on your new plasma television set.

HDMI is the cable connection of choice today. HDMI can carry both audio and video in a single cable. If your TV does not have enough HDMI inputs, you can add an HDMI switch box.

The best way to find out if your plasma television is equipped for a particular hookup is to look on the back of the television to see if there are any places to hook wires in directly. Perhaps the most surprising thing to people when they get their new plasma televisions home is the wide variety of component hook-ups that are offered on the back of plasma televisions. The only way to know for certain is to look physically on the back of the plasma television.

Plasma TV rear panel hookups

This Plasma TV has the following inputs:

o Antenna/Cable TV coaxial in
o Component Video (2) Green, Blue, Red for video and White, Red for audio
o Composite Video (Yellow) and White, Red for audio 
o HDMI (3)


Digital Audio output (optical) - surround sound bitstream compressed

PC connection - 15 pin VGA video and audio 3.5mm

RJ-45 Ethernet wired internet LAN

You can hookup six components directly to the TV, plus antenna and output Dolby Digital 5.1 audio to a Audio/Video Receiver for surround sound.

Most HDTVs have a side panel with USB and HDMI ports, plus additional inputs or outputs. USB allows connection of flash drives, wireless dongle and other compatible devices.


• For HD (High Definition video) you must use a HDMI or Component video cable connection when hooking up your components. (HD is 720p, 1080i or 1080p) Use HDMI from HD cable box output or from HD satellite box output to the TV's HDMI input. For Blu-ray or DVD use HDMI as well. 

• For SD (Standard Definition video) you can use composite video (yellow) or S-video.

VCRs for example cannot output HD video, only SD video but digital cable boxes for example can output HD video or SD video. If your cable box or satellite box is not high definition, use composite video connection along with white and red RCA cable connections for sound.

Video Up-conversion:
Newer components such as DVD players have an HDMI output jack and can convert the standard DVD 480 video resolution to something close to HD resolution.

What can you hookup with a Plasma HDTV?

1) Antenna for your local TV channels. Local TV stations transmit UHF / VHF signals. Most primetime network TV shows are in HD.

2) Your components such as VCR, DVD player, satellite receiver, cable box, Bluray player.

3) Home Theater Audio/Video Receiver.

4) Your PC or laptop.

5) Internet (RJ-45 Ethernet)

Audio Video Cable Types explanation

Hookup VHF/UHF Antenna for over-the-air TV

All digital TVs sold after summer 2007 will have a ATSC digital tuner built-in along with a possible NTSC tuner and a QAM tuner for unscrambled cable TV. To accomodate the input signals for over-the-air TV from local TV stations and cable TV, a 75-ohm coaxial input connector is almost always provided on a Plasma or LCD TV.


Hook up a VHF/UHF antenna or a coaxial cable for cable TV (non-scrambled channels only) to this input jack.

Note: You do not need any special antenna for High Def TV shows as these signals are sent over the same old UHF and VHF frequencies as before. Some of the best picture detail you can get is from over-the-air TV so even if you have digital cable or satellite, it is a good idea to connect an antenna to your HDTV.

Selecting the device you want to view:

Use the button on the TV remote control INPUT or INPUT SELECT or SOURCE to view the specific device you want.
Push the button until you get the device's video on the TV screen.


Your VCR will hookup to the TV with composite video (yellow) and two audio cables (red and white)


Your DVD player or recorder will hookup to the TV with component video (red, green, blue) and two audio cables (red and white) or HDMI.

Digital Cable Box

Your HD Cable box will hookup to the TV with HDMI if available or component video for High Definition TV.
Otherwise use the composite video/audio ports.

Satellite TV

Your HD satellite TV box will hookup to the HDTV with HDMI or component video and two audio cables (red and white). Otherwise use the composite video/audio ports.

Surround Sound

To hookup surround sound you need some cables for digital audio such as an optical (Toslink) cable and a surround sound processor such as an Audio/Video Receiver with Dolby Digital 5.1 capability.

Loudspeakers connect to the A/V Receiver. Most HDTVs have an optical output jack on the rear panel for sending bitstream audio to an A/V receiver. If you have a digital cable box or digital satellite receiver like DirecTV or Dish Network, you can connect the digital audio output on the rear panel of the box to your A/V receiver digital audio input for surround sound. HDMI will also work, so if you have an Audio/Video receiver with HDMI, you can connect the HDMI output on the cable/satellite box to the HDMI input on the AVR. Connect another HDMI cable from the AVR HDMI monitor output to the HDTV HDMI input.

audio/video receiver HDMI TV
Audio/Video Receiver with HDMI - Surround Sound

Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS uses the optical connection. Dolby TrueHD requires HDMI connection. Blu-ray is the main source for the newer audio codecs.

Easy HDTV Hookup Guide

How to hookup Audio/Video Receiver

How to connect external speakers if your TV only has optical audio output

o Laptop to TV hookup

o HDTV Wall Mounts - How To

Connect a PC to your HDTV - With todays HDTVs, hooking up your computer is easier than it used to be. Most HDTVs have an input for a computer's video and a stereo mini-plug for the sound.

Just connect the standard monitor output from the computer to the PC input jack on the TV using a VGA cable. These have 15 pins arranged in three rows of 5 pins each. Then connect a mini-plug 3.5mm stereo audio cable from the audio output jack on the computer to the corresponding mini-plug input on the HDTV's rear panel next to the PC input jack.

Set your computer's video output resolution and refresh rates to a compatible format the TV can use. Examples are VGA (640x480), SVGA (800x600), XGA (1024x768), WXGA (1280x768), SXGA (1280x1024). Select on the TV, the PC input.

Internet hookup: The newest HDTVs have an ethernet port for wired connection to your home router or have built-in Wi-Fi. You can also make a wireless connection to a wireless router even if your HDTV has only ethernet.

  • Adds wireless capability to any Ethernet-enabled device
  • Works with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, TiVo, Internet-enabled TVs, and more

Internet ready TV

Laptop to TV hookup

For a hookup diagram see:

HDTV basic setup

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