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Component Video Option

How Do I Connect My DVD Player With Component VIDEO?

DVD Player hookup Option #2 - Component Video: If your TV has component video input jacks, you can connect your DVD player using a 3 cable (green, blue, red) component video hookup instead of using a composite video connection. You still need the stereo audio connections for sound. Component video can give you a better picture than composite video.

Component video/audio cables

Figure 3: Component video, analog stereo audio connections.

To select the component video input, use your TV remote to switch over to them. You will know when you have selected the correct INPUTS when you see the DVD player's output on the TV screen. Make sure the DVD player is powered on and a disc is inserted in the player. Press "PLAY" button on DVD player to start the movie. Use the TV remote again to switch back to regular TV programming.

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