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Connect your HDTV with Digital Cable using HDMI. 


o Cable TV signal source IN.
o HDTV set with HDMI input such as a plasma or LCD display.
o One set of Audio RCA cables (1-red & 1-white audio).
o One HDMI cable.
o Digital Cable converter box with HDMI output.

With digital cable and High-Def cable TV subscription service 
you can get High-Definition programs on your HDTV. 
By using the digital HDMI cable connection, you avoid any conversion to analog 
and back to digital, with the resulting loss of video quality. 
Keeping it all digital means you get the best video possible from your setup.

Why would you want this configuration?
To view High-Definition TV shows. Digital Transmission Of Audio And Video Signals:

HDMI transmits digital video and audio signals at speeds up to 5 Gbps without compressing them. 

It supports high definition images up to 1080p and high-quality, multi-channel audio formats such as DVD-Audio.

Whenever a digital signal (for example from a DVD player) is converted to analog 
and sent to a TV, then converted back to digital and displayed, 
there is some loss of picture quality. But with HDMI, the signal is transmitted in its original digital form. 
Therefore there is no quality loss from conversion errors. 
This means that pure digital pictures and sound are sent direct from the source 
and remain digital from the output device to the digital display equipment.

What can you do with this configuration?

o Watch HDTV, including High Definition TV shows.

What settings do you need for this configuration?
The TV will need to be set to the proper HDMI input.

Cable configuration explanation
The RF coax cable signal from the cable TV company is available to the cable converter.  
Since digital cable channels are scrambled, you need the converter box (or Cablecard and QAM tuner). 

The HDMI cable can carry high-definition video and up to 8 channel audio. Not all TV shows are high definition.

Not all TV shows are Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

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