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  How to Hookup a Cable TV Box, DVD, CD, Audio/Video Receiver and TV

This connection involves a Cable TV box, CD player, DVD player, A/V receiver and TV.


o Cable TV Service
o TV with VHF/UHF antenna input and RCA audio/video inputs.
o Cable box
o Audio Video Receiver
o Audio/Video RCA cable (1-yellow, 1-red & 1-white audio).
o Digital Audio Cables.


Audio/Video Composite - x1 (RCA)
RF Antenna - x1 (Coaxial)

Audio/Video Composite - x1 (RCA)

Remote Control Yes
Power Requirements 120VAC, 60Hz

Hook up DIAGRAM - Cable TV box, TV, DVD, CD, A/V receiver

Cables Connections and explanation:

The DVD player, CD player and cable box are all connected to the Audio/Video Receiver which switches the sources and outputs video to the TV.

Audio is processed by the AVR and output to the connected loudspeakers.

What settings do you need for this configuration?

The TV is set on line input. CD, DVD or Cable TV box is selected on the A/V receiver. Monitor OUT on the A/V receiver sends video to the TV.

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