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VCR Basics

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RF Modulator for DVD hookup to TV

VCR SETUP Hookup Diagrams HDTV, Analog TV, DTV converter box, Cable box, stereo


VCR Rear Panel connections

RG-6 coaxial cable

RCA composite cables, video and audio

There are a number of ways to connect a VCR to TV and source components. It depends on the type of gear you have, cable TV box, digital to analog TV tuner, HDTV

Diagram - VCR connection using coaxial cable to TV. The TV is set to channel 3 (or 4)

VCR connection using RCA cables to TV. Yellow video and white audio cables to a TV with A/V input.
If the VCR has stereo sound, also connect the red audio cable. The TV is set to the video input.

Diagram - Digital TV converter box connection to VCR.

Record the VCR line input, tune channels on the DTV box.
VCR can record digital TV shows in analog format and play to an older analog TV.

View one channel while recording another channel - Two DTV converter boxes plus RF splitter
TV has RCA audio/video inputs. Select on the TV channel 3 or the A/V input.

Record on VCR digital TV shows and view High Definition TV shows on HDTV

Digital Cable box - record any channel. Play or view on HDTV or analog TV.
Set VCR to Line input. Set TV to A/V input.

Digital Cable - Play sound to stereo (Micro Hi-Fi etc.) for richer audio from music channels and TV shows.
Select Aux Line input on stereo. Select Line input on VCR.

RCA adapter for use with smaller stereo systems

VCR Basics for more VCR setup.

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