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Introduction to Audio / Video

 How to hookup a camcorder to a TV
 What is High Definition TV?
 What is home theater all about?
 Should I buy a digital camera?
 What new technologies are coming?
 What is a MiniDisc?
 How can I record TV shows to DVD?
 What is MP3?
 iPod Music Players
 What is Surround Sound?

We live in a very exciting and innovative time for audio and video. High-definition television is becoming an established fact and is likely to replace analog television. Television screens are getting larger and wider, while the sets themselves get thinner and thinner, all of which may spell the ultimate demise of the cathode ray tube (CRT)-based TV set.

The adoption of HDTV means that HD-DVD, both for playback and recording, is inevitable. In fact, all video recording mediums, DVD, tape and hard-disk PVR-based are becoming HD-compatible. Digital connections such as DVI, HDMI and FireWire are replacing the 50-year-old RCA connectors.

Consumers have adopted the concept of home theater with multi-channel sound.

Our biggest lifestyle shift may be to a world without wires. Wireless Bluetooth connections slowly are becoming common between PCs and accessories and PDAs, between cell phones and headsets, and even between camcorders and the internet. That spaghetti tangle of audio and video interconnects behind your home equipment stack may soon disappear as well. And satellites ringing our planet provide all manner of wireless audio and video communications services.

While the music industry grapples with piracy, the suddenly cumbersome store-bought jewel-cased CD may well be replaced by streaming audio and downloads and solid state storage and playback devices. New hard disk-based home audio servers can store and distribute entire music collections in multiple streams to multiple locations around the house or, via the Internet, the world. The pocket-sized portable MP3 player quickly is replacing portable CD and tape cassette players.

Hard disk storage space, battery life and capacity, and microprocessor speeds double every year. Flat screens are growing bigger and brighter, wireless networks getting faster and more robust, digital audio and video progressing more each year.

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  Digital Cameras

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How do I hookup camcorder to TV?


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  o Using VCR Plus+
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  o Create a personal tribute on DVD
     use your digital camera and music source to record a video tribute on DVD

  o DVD Sound
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  o DVD Player Cyberhome
  o DVD Players
  o DVD Player- how to connect

  o How to connect DVD player to TV in 10 easy steps
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  Home theater connections
  Home theater connections guide
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  Home theater RECEIVER Guide
  Home theater in a box guide
  Speaker wire and cable

  o Minidisc user guide


  Satellite TV Basics
  Satellite TV - buying guide
  Satellite TV - basic information
  Satellite TV - installation
  Satellite TV - DirecTV
  Satellite TV - Dish Network
  Satellite TV - Gear: receivers, dish antenna
  Satellite TV receiver Dishnetwork 811

  Satellite TV and HDTV tuners/receivers
  Satellite TV - Reception
  Satellite TV - Glossary
  Diagram DBS satellite connection dual LNB, multiswitch, diplexer, receiver, TV
  Diagram hookup satellite dual 2 LNB to receiver and TV
  Satellite TV Glossary
  Programming for Dishnetwork and DirecTV

  Satellite TV comparison - DirecTV vs. Dish Network
  Satellite TV dish alignment

  Satellite TV receivers
  TV satisfaction
  Dish Network Receivers
  DVR - digital video recorder
  Converter set-top-box for free digital TV on old TV set


  Sony MP3 HDD player
  Apple iPod photo

  Audio Video Connections
  Cable Connections
  Video Connections

  HDTV Cable Connections
  Video Connections
  Home Theater Connections
  Satellite dish alignment
  Satellite TV and HDTV tuners/receivers

  HDTV setup
  Dish Network Receivers
  DVR - digital video recorder
  • PC to stereo hookup
  • PC to stereo connection
  • Windows Sound Recorder
  • PC to HDTV Connection
  • Audio Video Connection Types
  • Hookup Diagram Blu-ray HDTV
  • Hookup Diagram Blu-ray HDTV AV receiver
  • Blu-ray disc and Surround Sound