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: Cable hookup digital cable and TV
  Digital Cable TV Box - HookUp

There are many ways to hookup your digital cable TV box. Your cable connections depend on what type of TV you have and what type of cable service you have as well as what other devices you want to connect.

If you have an HDTV and HD service from your cable TV provider, you will want to connect component video or HDMI cables from the cable box to your HDTV. Component video has three RCA cables colored green (Y), blue(Pb) and red(Pr). You also need two cables for stereo audio, red(R) and white(L). HDMI is an all digital connection and carries video and audio all in one cable.

If you have an older TV, use a composite video hook up (yellow) with two audio (red and white) cables or if your TV only has a RF input, use a single coaxial RG-6 cable from the cable box RF output to your TV antenna/VHF input.

Your cable TV provider has a variety of cable boxes available for you depending on what type of service you sign up for and what type of TV you own. Make sure you get the cable box for your type of service and your type of TV. Some cable boxes have a built-in DVR to record TV shows on a hard disk. For high-definition, you need a HD cable box. These boxes will have component video outputs and/or HDMI out.

Digital Cable TV Box - Rear Panel

This cable box has both component video output and HDMI output for HDTV and composite video output for standard definition TV. It also has digital audio out for hook up to a surround sound processor.


The diagram below shows the most simple hook up from cable box to TV. This hook up is for standard definition, not high definition. Your TV should have Audio/Video inputs. If your TV only has a single RF input, then you need a cable box which has an RF output jack so you can connect a coaxial RF cable to your TV antenna input.

For TVs with A/V inputs, select the TV input for the proper ports by using your TV remote control video inputs select button. For TVs with a single RF input, set TV on channel 3 or 4 as this is usually the channel output by the RF jack on the cable box. If you are using a cable box, then tune channels using the cable box remote control. If you do not have a cable box but have cable TV service, you may be able to tune channels using your TV, but only for unscrambled analog channels.

Hookup Diagram for TV with only a RF input. The VCR can record a TV show or just "pass-thru" the signal when not powered on.

Digital Cable Box Hookup to HDTV with HDMI

To connect your digital cable box to your HDTV using HDMI, just connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI jack on the back of the cable box and the other end to a HDMI input jack on the HDTV. Then select the HDMI input using the HDTV remote when viewing cable channels.

HDMI hookup HERE

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