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Audio selector switches - Toslink

Toslink optical digital audio cables.


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Digital Audio Toslink Selector Switch - Mfr Part# : DAVSWITOS

Connect up to three optical sources such as DVD player, digital cable box, Blu-ray player to the digital/optical input of your home theater system. The Toslink Selector features high-integrity toslink jacks for optimal transfer of light signals. This selector will also help with preventing the wear and tear on your Toslink audio cables and I/O jacks that comes from manually connecting and reconnecting cables. Has 3 optical audio cable inputs and one optical digital audio output jack. Comes in handy for those home surround systems with only a single optical audio input jack.
Price - $12.99 to $32.99. ( or (

Digital Audio Switcher with remote control :

DA4X-R - SPDIF 4x1
Digital Audio Switcher
Toslink and Coax Inputs
With IR Remote Control
Price - $129.99

The DA4X-R is a 4x1 SPDIF Digital Audio Switcher. It can take up to 8 inputs ( 4-Toslink and 4-Coax) and send one of those inputs to both outputs simultaneously. The inputs can be any standard Consumer digital Audio type such as:

- SPDIF( IEC 958) format Audio.
- Toslink/Coaxial
- DTS/Dolby Digital/AC3/PCM

Please note that If you connect both Toslink and Coax to a single input, it will default to the Coax input, if a signal is present.
The DA4X-R does not ?process? the audio in any way. So if the source is DTS encoded on the input, it will be DTS encoded on the output. The only conversion that takes place is between the Optical and Coax.

There are 3 ways to control the 4X-R.

1? Front Panel Switch for cycling though the inputs. Each press advances the input.
2? IR Remote Control for direct selection of desired input. Visit to download ?Universal? remote configuration files, such as the Philips Pronto ?.
3- RS-232 Serial Port (optional) for direct computer control and status. Useful for integrating into advanced automated systems.

503-255-1451 Fax 503-251-0586
1818 NE 140th Portland, OR 97230

S-Video and Optical audio Switcher - Digital Audio Video Selector Switch with Remote Control

If you have more Audio/Video sources than your TV or surround receiver can handle, then the 3 in and 1 out audio/video switcher is the perfect solution. Route all video sources to your TV through a single output! All three inputs allow the user to choose either composite video or S-video for the video input. The audio also has two choices for inputs either stereo line level or digital Toslink optical audio. The output has all of the same connections making it versatile enough to connect to any TV or receiver. Inputs can be selected manually from push buttons on the front or by the supplied remote control. LED's on the front have a green light for easy indication of input selection and power.
Cost - $39.99

Expand the capacity of your home theater's audio video inputs
Connects up to 3 digital audio video sources to a tv or home theater system
Add flexibility by increasing the limit of your existing inputs
Eliminates cable hassles - no more disconnecting cables every time you change sources
Switch with 3 manual selector buttons or via the included infrared remote control.


3 toslink optical inputs,
3 S-Video inputs,
3 stereo audio and 3 composite video inputs,

1 toslink optical output,
1 S-Video output,
1 stereo audio and 1 composite video output.

Specifications: input 3 sets, output 1 set,
power requirement DC 9V / 500mA,
dimensions 240mm(L) x 110mm(W) x 51mm(H)

What's Included: AC power adapter, 4 button credit card infrared remote control, manual, 1 year warranty.

Switcher - audio/video with remote control

Unique Products Online Corporation
Po Box 30727
Edmond, OK. 73003-0013

Component Video and Toslink Switcher with Remote - $45.00

2 switchers in one! Component Video and Toslink.
Once you hook it up all you have to do is touch a button on the included remote or on the switcher itself.
Not only will this unit work flawlessly with standard signals it will also work with High Definition Resolution. It is compatible with HDTV or SDTV formats: 480i/p, 720p and 1080i.
Active electronic switching offers flawless and seamless switching and crystal-clear distribution of all HDTV and SDTV video formats as well as digital optical/Toslink and standard RCA audio signals.
The active circuitry in this switch will provide flawless, seamless switching as well as optimal HDTV and SDTV audio video quality.

3 Sets of inputs -

Three Component Video (Red Green Blue) (YPrPb) inputs.
Three Digital Optical Toslink Audio inputs.
Three RCA Analog Stereo Audio inputs (Red White).

1 Set of outputs -
One set Component Video (Red Green Blue) (YPrPb) output.
One Digital Optical Toslink Audio output.
One RCA Analog Stereo Audio output (Red White).

Controling the switcher -
Compact Infrared Remote Control is included: Simply select the input on the remote and that performs the switching.
Manual switching is possible by pressing the input button on the front of the switcher.
Selected input source is indicator on the front of the switcher.

Other information-
Easy to install - Connect your desired components into the switcher. Connect the outputs of the switcher to your Video and Audio devices. Plug in the included power AC power adapter. That's it.
All video and audio inputs and outputs have female color-coded RCA cable connectors.

Video Bandwidth: -3db at 140 MHz
Input Power: 12 VDC, Adapter Included
Size: 9.4"(L) x 4.3"(W) x 2.0"(H)
Weight: 2.0 lbs
Enclosure type: Metal

HDMI cables - $12.00 6ft 1080p HDMI 1.3

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