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How to hookup both Satellite and Cable TV to record shows

Use 2 VCRs to record both Satellite and Cable TV programs


o Cable TV signal source IN.
o Satellite TV signal source IN.
o TV set with Audio/Video input.
o RCA cables.
o Coaxial cables (RG-6)
o Two VCRs.

Cable connections explanation

You want satellite TV AND Cable TV? You want to be able to record a TV show from cable while recording another TV show from satellite?

By using a TV with only standard inputs, and 2 VCRs, this can be done.

Hookup Diagram for recording both Satellite TV and Cable TV shows

Why would you want this configuration?
To view or record TV shows from both satellite and Cable TV.

What can you do with this configuration?
o Watch TV from satellite or cable TV.
o Record one while watching another, either cable or satellite.
o Record two shows at the same time, one from cable and one from satellite.

What settings do you need for this configuration?
The TV will need to be set to the proper input.
For Cable TV, set TV to channel 3.
For satellite TV, set TV to LINE (Video) Input.
VCR 1 should be set on channel 3 to record and also to output on channel 3.
VCR 2 should be set to LINE input to record.
Cable Box should be set to output on channel 3.

Using only one VCR

If you only have one VCR you can connect both cable and satellite receivers and switch the VCR LINE/ANTENNA inputs for recording. You can of course only record one source at a time. However since both cable and satellite receivers are connected, you can easily switch between the two by using the VCR remote.

Cable configuration explanation

You can switch back and forth from cable to satellite on the TV by using the TV remote.

You can switch the cable hookups so that the cable box uses the RCA cable hookups and the satellite box uses the RF coax setup. The VCR with the RF coax cable hookup will pass-thru the signal even if powered off but the VCR with the RCA cable hookup will need to remain powered on in order to watch TV from that source.

If TV has only antenna input, use A/B switch. Set TV to channel 3 (or 4). For older TV with only twin lead antenna connection, use a BALUN (75 ohm to 300 ohm) If set-top-box has only HDMI output, use a HDMI to AV converter.

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