Connect HD Satellite and HD Cable box to HDTV and DVD Recorder

This connection involves a HD Cable TV box, HD Satellite box, HDTV and DVD Recorder with record capability from both HD Satellite box and HD Cable box.


o HD Cable TV service
o HD Satellite TV (DirecTV)
o HD Cable box
o DVD Recorder
o HD Satellite box
o Home Theater with 5.1 surround sound
o Audio/Video RCA cables (1-yellow, 1-red & 1-white audio).
o RF coaxial cables (RG-6).
o HDMI cables
o Optical digital audio cables


• built-in stereo speakers

• A/V inputs, including:
• Component video
• composite video
• S-video
• RF input for antenna/cable signals
• Audio Out (stereo)
• HDMI inputs

DVD Recorder

• Standard DVD Recorder
• Composite audio/video inputs/outputs
• Component video output
• Coaxial and Optical digital audio output
• Video
System NTSC

Cable TV box HD

Outputs - composite video, component video, HDMI, optical digital audio, coaxial digital audio, analog audio. Typically a Motorola brand. Some cable boxes incorporate a DVR to record TV shows to a disk. Most cable/DVR boxes have the capability to offload to a VCR or DVD Recorder. Note: Standard VCRs or DVD Recorders cannot record in High-Definition.

Satellite TV box HD

Outputs - composite video, component video, HDMI, optical digital audio, coaxial digital audio, analog audio. DirecTV brand.

Home Theater with 5.1 digital audio

• optical digital audio input
• analog audio input x 2
• surround speaker connections
• Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic and 2-channel stereo

Hook up DIAGRAM - HDTV, HD Cable TV, HD Satellite TV, DVD Recorder and surround sound

Audio Video Connections and cables

Cables Connections and explanation:

A Cable TV provider and a satellite TV provider are used to receive TV signals.

1. Connect HDMI cables from the HD Cable box and the HD Satellite box to the HDTV HDMI inputs.

2. Connect audio/video (yellow, white, red) cables from the composite outputs on the Cable box and Satellite Box to the DVD Recorder's A/V INPUTS. The proper input is selected using the DVD Recorder's remote control input select button when recording.

3. Connect DVD Recorder OUTPUT to TV INPUT using yellow, white, red cables on alternate TV input. DVD Recorder is selected using the TV remote control input select button when viewing DVD.


Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound is available from some satellite TV and cable tv programs and also from DVD-Video. If you have a DD5.1 capable audio processor, you can connect a Optical Toslink or a Coaxial digital audio cable from the source devices (cable box, satellite box, DVD) to the inputs on the surround processor for decoding, amplification and routing to the connected loudspeakers.

Many people have a Home Theater in-a-box that comes with speakers, a DVD player and possibly an AM/FM tuner. These types of setups usually do not have an abundance of inputs. Many times they have only one digital audio input which prevents connecting multiple sources such as Cable TV, Satellite TV or DVD Recorder. One solution for this issue is to buy a switch such as a 3-way IN and 1-way OUT Toslink selector switch. This device allows you to hook up 3 source devices and output one at a time to the Home Theater input. Prices are modest for a manual selector switch, but a remote controlled switch is also available for typically much more money. See this link for information on audio selector switches.

Why would you want this configuration?

o To view TV shows from cable or satellite.
o Play DVD-Video to HDTV.
o Listen to surround sound.
o Record / archive TV shows from cable box or satellite TV

What can you do with this configuration?

o Watch TV, watch DVD-Video

What settings do you need for this configuration?

The TV will need to be set to the proper input depending on your source. Select proper input source on the TV to watch TV or DVD. The input sources can be selected usually by using the remote control buttons for the respective devices. Buttons such as LINE or VIDEO or AUX or INPUT SELECT or an actual channel such as 93 or 00 or 99 depending on your brand. Consult owner's manual here.

TV Channels are selected on the cable converter box using the remote control for the box. TV Channels are selected on the satellite TV converter box using the remote control for the satellite TV box.

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