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HDMI Fiber Optic Cables

HDMI fiber optic cables

Fiber optic HDMI cables are made with optical fiber inside the cable. Optical fiber has certain advantages over copper wires.
Fiber optic HDMI cables can support 18 Gb/s speeds without signal loss and are meant for distances up to 164 ft (50 m) for 4K resolution @ 60 Hz.

Fiber optic HDMI cables can send video and audio to a display like most standard copper HDMI cables. These optical HDMI cables can support up to 32 uncompressed audio channels.

Most fiber optic HDMI cables also support an Audio Return Channel (ARC), allowing TVs with a built-in tuner to send audio upstream to a surround sound audio receiver.

Fiber optic HDMI cables provide extended range to connect a device to a display.
Optical HDMI cables are also suitable for higher resolution displays since standard copper HDMI cables are limited to 10 feet (3 m).

Fiber optic HDMI cables are mostly made up of 4 fiber cores plus 7 copper wires. The former is used for data transmission; among the 7 copper wires, one is for power supply, one for CEC, two for sound return (ARC), and one set of DDC signal (two core wires are foamed and one ground wire is shielded by aluminum foil) for communication protocol.

HDMI AOC (Active Optical Cable) cables is a high-speed signal transmission solution consisting of two transceivers and one optical jumper with 2 HDMI converters on both ends.

One end has the transmitter and the other end has the receiver so it is a one-way fiber optic communication. The cables work like a regular copper HDMI cable, only they allow for much longer distances.

Less Signal attenuation

The long-distance signal transmission attenuation(signal loss) over optical fiber HDMI AOC cable is almost zero
due to the photoelectric conversion technology, and the long-distance transmission can reach 500 meters.


3 ft. to 33 ft. cables are very affordable but the cost goes way up as the cable length increases.

The HDMI AOC cables have to be installed in the proper configuration. The source end to the source device and the display end at the destination.

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