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How to Pair Bluetooth headphones Samsung TV

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Bluetooth Wireless Audio for Smartphones - speakers

Bluetooth logo - look for the symbol with a pointed B and a reverse K merged together

Bluetooth Wireless Audio

Bluetooth Speakers

What is a Toslink cable?

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Bluetooth Hands Free Phone in Car and wireless Audio

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a standard for short distance radio signals (2.4GHz) between devices in order to exchange information. Bluetooth technology is used on mobile phones, wireless keyboards, wireless headphones, car stereos, audio/video receivers, camcorders, digital cameras, speakers and more. For example, if you have an iPhone 4S with music you want to listen to on your Bluetooth capable car stereo, just pair the phone with the car stereo and you have a powerful stereo system on the go. Bluetooth operates at frequencies between 2.402 and 2.480 GHz, or 2.400 and 2.4835 GHz.

What is Bluetooth pairing?

Bluetooth pairing is the discovery and establishment of communication between two Bluetooth devices. Usually a passkey has to be agreed upon before data can be received. Sometimes this is just 0000 but check the user manual for your device.

When a device "has Bluetooth", that means it has a piece of hardware, a small computer chip, that contains the Bluetooth radio, and some software that lets you, the user, connect that device to other products wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth History:

Bluetooth has been around since 1994 and has undergone many improvements and revisions (1.0 in 1999, 1.2 in 2003, 2.0 in 2004, 3.0 in 2009, 4.0 in 2010, 4.1 December 2013, 4.2 December 2014, 5.0 December 2016, 5.1 January 2019, 5.2 December 2019, 5.3 July 2021).

In 2000 - First chip to integrate radio frequency, baseband, microprocessor functions and Bluetooth wireless software.
In 2004 - First stereo headphones.
In 2007 - First TV with Bluetooth.
In 2011 - Microsoft announces that Windows 8 will support Bluetooth v4.0
Apple announces that the iPhone 4S will support Bluetooth v4.0 and become the first Bluetooth Smart Ready phone.

What is a Bluetooth profile?

A Bluetooth profile is a further refinement of the core standard for specific services between devices. In order for Bluetooth devices to communicate, they must have compatible profiles. For example, a computer and its wireless keyboard need to have compatible profiles. A stereo and a wireless headphone need compatible profiles. But a keyboard and a headphone do not work together so they do not have the same profiles. When two Bluetooth devices establish a connection, they learn about the protocols the partner device offers. Only devices that share the same protocols can exchange data, just like two humans have to agree on a common language to have a meaningful conversation.

While Bluetooth defines the physical wireless connection between devices, a Bluetooth profile establishes the commands and functionality these devices can exchange using the Bluetooth technology.

What is A2DP?

A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) is a Bluetooth profile for streaming audio, such as from a music phone to headphones. A2DP supports stereo audio.

Other Bluetooth profiles:

HSP (Handset Profile) – provides the basic functionalities needed for communication between a handset (mobile phone) and headset.

HFP (Hands free Profile) – with somewhat extended functionality to HSP, original use was intended to control a mobile phone from a stationary in car hands free unit.

What is the maximum range of Bluetooth?

Typically 30 feet to 100 feet with a theoretical maximum of 800 feet depending on many factors the range you get may be much less.

Bluetooth wireless data:

Bluetooth wireless data sharing

Power on both phones
Go to Settings
Turn Bluetooth ON
Search for available devices or select from list of devices
Pair the devices
Now share (copy) files from one phone to the other phone wirelessly

Bluetooth Speakers - Best Bluetooth Speakers

JBL Charge 5

Colors available - Black, gray, blue, camo, teal, and red.

Bluetooth version 5.1, playing time max 20 hrs., Li-ion battery, wireless, waterproof, rechargable. A well built quality mobile speaker with 2 built-in speakers and 2 passive radiators on the sides for bass. PartyBoost feature allows you to pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together in stereo or link multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers for really incredible sound. Built-in powerbank lets you charge your devices. About the size and weight of a football, can be carried in a backpack.


Colors available - Black, blue, red, taupe

Bluetooth 5.0, wireless range 98 ft., Li-ion 24 hr. max, 9.7 in. wide, No 3.5mm audio jack, Party Connect - sync up to 100 speakers. The SRS-XB33 features a speaker light and a multicolor light line that flash in-sync with the beat. You can also change the color of the line light to suit your mood. Use a USB Type-C cable to charge the speaker. You can also charge your compatible smartphone via the USB Type-A charging port. NFC (Near Field Communication) lets you touch your compatible device to the speaker for a quick, seamless Bluetooth connection. You can also pair your device via Bluetooth through your device's Bluetooth settings. Dustproof and waterproof, rechargable, wireless speaker.

Sony XB33 Guide

How to Connect a Bluetooth device to a Smartphone

Turn on the Bluetooth device or speaker by pressing or holding the power button.
Then go to Settings on your smartphone, and open the Bluetooth menu.
Turn on the smartphone’s Bluetooth, to access a list of available Bluetooth devices.
Select the Bluetooth speaker on your smartphone to pair and connect the two devices.
Most smartphones will additionally ask the user the applications to which it is allowed access, such as receiving calls or only operating as a media output device.
In case the Bluetooth speaker is not listed, make the Bluetooth speaker discoverable by following the instructions in the user manual.

Usually, a Bluetooth speaker has a separate button to make the device discoverable. If not, for some devices, holding the power or play button makes the Bluetooth device discoverable, and ready to pair.
Also, in case the Bluetooth Speaker asks for a passkey to pair the devices; the passkey is usually mentioned in the manual or generally is 0000 / 1234.
Once a Bluetooth Speaker is paired with a smartphone, the same steps do not have to always be followed. Your devices will connect automatically once they’re switched on and within range.

In some cases, the two devices get paired, but upon playing a media file no action takes place. In such cases, it is best to disconnect the two devices (by selecting forget device on the smartphone) and to re-pair the devices following the same steps.

Why JBL speaker doesn’t show in devices’ list on my iPhone?

The main reason for this is that your JBL speaker has not yet entered pairing mode. First, you need to make sure if it is in pairing mode which is indicated by blinking light. You can reset the JBL speaker to solve pairing issue. Try turning OFF and then ON your iPhone Bluetooth.
You need to press and hold the Bluetooth button for at least 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. If your speaker was not previously connected to any device, it will automatically be in pairing mode when turned ON. Pairing mode is indicated by a blinking light.

Physical controls - slightly raised buttons on top of the speaker. There are buttons to control playback, volume, power, Bluetooth pairing, and “Party Boost” that turns the volume up to 11.

On the back, the JBL Charge 5 has a waterproof USB-C charging port as well as a flap hiding the USB-A port that can be used to charge up your smartphone. The Charge 5 drops support for the 3.5mm aux jack from the JBL Charge 4.

Another use for bluetooth is in car hands free mobile phone operation.

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